OGS copyright and data policy


All information and content presented into this website are protected by owner copyright, registered trade mark and intellectual rights vested in OGS. Any information or institute mentioned in this website are protected by the owner copyrights. Therefore, no part of this work may be reproduced, eventually modified, and sell or commercialize to obtain advantage of any nature.


OGS disclaims all responsibility for any damage of any origin directly or indirectly derived by the access to the site, for access incapability or impossibility, for your use of, or results obtained from, included information. OGS reserves the right to modify the site and the copyright contents at any time without any notice.


OGS disclaims all responsibility for the external links provided within this website, given as additional service to internet users. nodc.ogs.trieste.it gives external links but this does not imply any approval by the external sites. OGS disclaims all responsibility on the quality, on the content and on the graphics of the external sites linked.


All information, data, object, products, programmes and routines, if present in this website for download, are freely available and free of charge under the owner (producer) policy conditions and their wide use for no profit science and education is encouraged. However, data use is submitted to OGS authorisation, who will evaluate data usage. OGS does not give any warranty as to the quality or accuracy of the information, nor on the program functioning.

The data user commits himself not to transmit the downloaded data to any other possible user without OGS permission.


Users shall indicate the source of data in any publication arising from the use of OGS Italian National Oceanographic Data Center/IOC data. Users must ask to OGS/NODC (nodc@ogs.trieste.it) the source of data (if not indicated in the meta-data) for the publication. Users shall communicate to OGS/NODC results obtained from the data.


OGS is committed to protecting your privacy on-line. Any personal information that you give will be used to provide you with access to our inventories and data downloading areas and for system administration of the web server. We take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse or alteration. Only authorised OGS employees will have access to your personal information.


People related to the personal information (users) can in any moment amend or remove their personal information from OGS information systems. Requests should be sent to OGS by mail or fax.